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About Gene Hicks CoffeeWe are a Minnesota-based company where our coffees are roasted, processed and hand packaged. Gene Hicks Gourmet Coffee was established in 1999, when Gene was a fishing guide in Northern Minnesota. He knew how important it is to have a good cup of coffee in the morning and after a day on the water. As every coffee drinker knows, getting a good, rich, full-bodied coffee that is low in acidity is very hard to find. After several years of experimenting with different roasts, he was confident he had found the perfect combination. We are proud to carry on his tradition of bringing you the very best coffee available. Experiment to your personal taste as we are sure you will find a great tasting coffee while using less coffee per cup brewed. All of our coffees contain 100% Grade 1 Arabica Beans that are grown at high elevations from Personally Selected Plantations where Sustainable Practices are in place. (High Elevation = Premium Quality Beans). *Many brands advertise & label themselves as 100% Arabica Beans, however; there are low elevation – low grade Arabica Beans that do not compare to Grade 1, high elevation beans. * We do not use any Robust Beans or low elevation Arabica Beans.* Our Beans come from 4 continents and multiple countries.
  • All of our Coffees are gluten free.
  • All of our Coffees are Certified Kosher.
  • They contain no carbs, no calories, no sugars – just Premium Arabica Coffee.
  Each of our coffee blends are Specialty Formulated and consist of at least 2-4 different beans. Each unique blend is individually slow roasted at different – selected temperatures, roasting and cooling times to fulfill the final taste and to obtain the perfect cup of coffee that is low in acid and stomach friendly. The Sunset Blend (decaf) comes from a selected sustainable harvest and is 97% caffeine free. **The Green Horizons Blend is Fair Trade Certified Organic.** Our beans are roasted in small batches with 50 years’ experience of “Specialty Coffee Roasting”. We only provide “On Demand Roasting” which provides our customers the freshest coffee possible. Since 1999, when Gene Hicks Gourmet Coffees was established, our commitment has been to provide only the Highest Quality, Sustainable Specialty Roasted Coffee available. This commitment has never been compromised. Gene Hicks Gourmet Coffee LLC